Light Painting: Oil Meets 3D Printing

Juli 2019: Zwei internationale Ausstellungen in Linz: SPLACE Gallery (Hauptplatz) & Johannes Kepler Universität (Uni Center)

LICHTenegger, MEYER and JOST: Light, Shapes and Numbers


My name is BARBARA LICHTenegger and I intensively deal with light in the artworks shown (Licht: German for light).

In this SPLACE gallery, I exhibit both oil and light paintings that I created in the past few years. I present different landscapes and portraits taking into account artistic considerations such as temperature (warm and cool colors) and contrasts. As an artist with plein air and studio practice, I also emphasize the importance of value relationships in defining lightness and darkness within a composition.

My aim is to capture a second version of the original motif in an oil painting complementing the already existing first version and definitely not to copy a photograph.

In a project, I even created a third version of the original motif characterized as light painting, using mathematical considerations and supported by technology. Here, I display lithophanes transforming the original oil paintings into 3D models that are 3D printed. The darker colors are represented with the thicker parts of the plane. In contrast, the lighter tones are printed with the thinnest layers allowing the light to shine through it.


In these pieces, light contributes in a natural and unique way, similar to experiences in plein air. The light parts are only visible because of the existence of light that shines through the translucent plane.

My goal is to follow the Impressionists’ intention to depict the environment with novel approaches by applying the latest technologies and mathematical strategies to become an innovative artist in our world.

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Mathematical Art Gallery: Bridges 2019

Kunstwerk bei der künstlerischen und wissenschaftlichen Konferenz Bridges 2019!


BARBARA LICHTenegger, “Grandmother” 1, 2019, Light painting, 19 x 25 cm

Weitere Infos zum Kunstwerk:

Wissenschaftlicher Artikel dazu:

Lichtenegger, B. (2019). Light Painting: Visualization with and through Light. In Proceedings of Bridges 2019: Mathematics, Art, Music, Architecture, Education, Culture (pp. 497–500). Linz. Verfügbar unter:

Dieses Kunstwerk war in einer internationalen Ausstellung in Linz zu sehen! Wann? Wo? Weitere Infos zur Ausstellung und zur Konferenz:

Hier noch die Infos zur Mathematical Art Gallery:

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